Every Thursday night we hold a barbeque at the Watchhouse that is open to all guests. The food is free and the cellar open. Small beer is on tap and, for a modest fee, wine can be had by the bottle.

Although it officially starts at sunset we welcome early arrivals. There's even a meet-and-greet with Hog Teo! An opportunity not to be missed.

BBQ Menu (varies)

Swamp Rat
This is a staple at Hog's Hangout, but don't let this simple dish deceive you. With Teo's secret blend of herbs and spices, this rat is simply to die for. The signature dish of Hog's Hangout must be tasted to be believed.
Varmint in Swamp Leaves
We take small rodents, wrap them in the leaves of swamp vegetation and roast them on the grill. Excellent with either BBQ sauce or ranch dressing.
Nothing quite says 'swamp' like a freshly killed and cooked gator. Available uncooked as well.
Fish of the Day
Whatever Hog has caught will be fried by our master chef, Teo. Hog fishes for this all week because he knows his guests are hungry.
Found Food
Our ancestors were hunters and gatherers, and the staff at Hog's Hangout continues this fine tradition today. We comb the swamps, woods, fields and roadsides for the finest selection of nuts, berries and animals this side of the Mississippi.

After the last litter it was the last straw. Too many mouths to feed and something had to break, so of course it was the bank. Foreclosures are hard, and in this economy its hard to know where your next meal is going to come from. But that Teo is a regular saint. His outreach program found me in the nick of time. We were all set to start given em up for adoption, but now we can keep the whole family together. That saint Teo even chartered a bus special to pick us up as there're too many of us for the van. Now I know where my next meal is coming from and its all thanks to Teo.

— Relieved, Sacramento