We boast an extensive fleet of catamarans that wing softly over the water beneath the deafening roar of Hog's scatter gun as he successfully fends off yet another horde of gators hungry for succulant guests. Just kidding! We don't actually have any catamarans, but we do have a few aquatic craft to better navigate the swamp. All are due back at either the Watch House or the Roundabout tie-up point by sundown.

This highly maneuvarable vehicle requires a deft hand with a pole to get the most out of it and its width precludes access to some areas, but it has good carrying capacity if your tolerance for getting wet is high and it is usually available. First come, first serve, this one's free.
Canoe, aluminum, 10 foot
This washed up by the Watch House a few years ago and is perfectly good other than a good sized dent and a dozen or so holes. Comes with a bailing pail for when it takes on too much ballast. Has only one paddle, but push poles area easy to devise. Its small draft and narrow beam make it ideal for penetrating the deepest secrets of the swamp. Seats two, three if you're small. Front has been modified to include a shotgun rest.
Jon Boats, wood, 8 to 12 foot
These flat-bottomed boats provide excellent stability, a shallow draft, and don't leak much. Each has a paddle, recommend to acquire at least one push pole to aid navigation. Although slower than the canoe they're faster than the raft. First come, first serve.
Fan Boat, aluminum, 15 foot
Reserved for staff use, this boat can be rented only with special permission. Has a pintel mounted 2-pounder and weapons rack. Although not able to navigate the entire swamp, this allows for larger outings and is Hog's preferred vehicle for doing gator patrol. If you hear the distinctive boom of the 2-pounder its time to head for the Watch House with all haste.

Aquatic vehicles are provided as-is; they are not inspected and are irregularly maintained. Descriptions provided for historical purposes only. By embarking on a boating trip you agree to indemnify and hold harmless Hog, Hog's Hangout, its employees and other guests from any damage or injury that may result from undertaking said trip.

Stockade is a bitch, but Gator Run is even better. I didn't need those extra fingers anyway, and you shoulda seen the look on the gator's face when I got my spas-12 back into action. There's a real "Precious Moments" for you!

— Family Man, Detroit