Of the approximately two dozen bungalows about half are available at any given time. Those still undergoing repairs can be rented at half the normal rate. All bungalows share the same floor plan: they have a bunk or cot, an entry way, and a dresser or chest to put your belongings. They also have walls made of all natural wood (no synthetics here!) and roofs are either shingled with bark or thatched with brush. All building materials originated in Hog's Swamp allowing the bungalows to blend in perfectly. If you didn't know they were there you wouldn't recognize them!

Illumination is provided by lanterns and hurricane lamps. You can purchase oil at the Watch House for a nominal fee. If there is a stove you can use the oil to light whatever found wood you have collected. No outdoor bonfires allowed, no exceptions. Except for Hog and the Watch House.

After the last litter it was the last straw. Too many mouths to feed and something had to break, so of course it was the bank. Foreclosures are hard, and in this economy its hard to know where your next meal is going to come from. But that Teo is a regular saint. His outreach program found me in the nick of time. We were all set to start given em up for adoption, but now we can keep the whole family together. That saint Teo even chartered a bus special to pick us up as there're too many of us for the van. Now I know where my next meal is coming from and its all thanks to Teo.

— Relieved, Sacramento