The Castle was an unexpected find on one of Hog's excursions. After clearing and restoring the edifice at great personal expense it stands today, a towering reminder of hubris. It has character and style that are timeless. Forget the leaning tower of pizza, or hadrian's wall—this is the real deal!

The stone walls tower over the swamp with the tower rising an impressive thirty feet above ground. Some of the wall comes up to ten feet while other parts rise to twenty feet. Two of the gate arches are intact and Hog has installed access to the upper stories.

Whether you are interested in a unique place to have a wedding or convention, or a uniquely appropriate place to stage an historical re-enactment, this is the place for you. For a mere 10,000 security and 300 a week the Castle can be yours for whatever purpose you desire. Security deposit waivable for successful credit check.

Originally built by the Spanish in 1022, it was later used by the French to consolidate their holdings in the area. At that time the swamp hadn't settled yet so they were able to bring deep water vessels right up to the landing. The quarter inch lumps of lead you sometimes find scattered about the swamp are evidence of the musket battles that raged throughout the area in assault and defense of the fortress. The demise of the Castle came during the War of Aggression during which the denizens of Swamp Parish holed up in the fortress for protection. Alas, the yankees blew it apart with cannon and it was subsequently abandoned.

Built by the original inhabitations of the parish it was used as

Every winter we pack up the wagon and head south for The Hangout. Its a long ride, but well worth it. Rusty got his boots there last year, and Audrey is learnin' herself real good how to drive off a determined attacker. Ain't nobody gonna mess with my Audrey unless she wants'em too.

— Clark, Chicago