Our cottages are cute and iconic, almost like they came out of a fairy tale. Not the disney kind with the happy endings, but like one from deep in the bayou.

It was like some sixth sense led down the dank and musty trail to this little-known getaway that had no signs. Hog's bond with nature is clearly unbreakable as the cottages and bungalows blend in seamlessly with the swamp. Its like Hog is some kinda avatar of Enkidu before he went to the Temple. I stayed because I needed to take a break from work in the village. But what Teo did to Hog had my praying with anger, I stayed wide awake until it was all over. I can tell you it wasn't any lady in the water what took him away to a watery grave, we could all see what was happening. After earth fell, the worst of the last airbender was over.

— Shamalama Ding Dong, Sun Don't Shine