Hog's Swamp boasts some of the finest fishin' north of the gulf. We got long fish, small fish, big fish, short fish. We got yellow fish, green fish, red fish, blue fish. We got more fish'n you can shake your pole at. And that ain't even the half of it.

A real fisherman knows that frog giggin' is second nature, and catchin' cray fish is even better. So whether its using your hands to pull a fish out of water or skewering an eel that lost its way, you'll know you've come to the right place when you're fishin' in Hog's Swamp.

Old Faithful
This long time favorite always has a fish or two for the catching so why wait? Bait your hook now and try your luck. Conveniently located off of Gator Walk trail.
Mairna's Secret
Deep in the heart of the swamp is a fishing hole that offers up nine fish each night to all who fish there, but only if they fish under the light of a new moon. At least, that's what local legend says. We're not sure if this is the famous Mairna's Secret, but it might be! Far off of any trail and through gator infested waters that are inaccessible to boats is this hidden beauty of a fishing hole. Sorry, no maps exist so you'll have to stump around on your own to find it.
Odds and Ends
Are tin cans your thing? Rubber boots? Maybe a bicycle chain or a machine part? While not exactly a hole, this cove on the edge of the swamp gets near anything washed up in it. A little difficult to access by land, but a jon boat does the trick just nicely.

Hog don't take kindly to poachers, and anyone not staff or a guest who takes a hankering to pinch any of the wild life is gonna get a taste of scatter gun shot.

Hog's Hangout is proof that it doesn't have to be run by Walt Kelly to be a swamp. It's no wonder that Hog's brother-in-law is a lawyer, sharks of a fin swim to win.

— Passed Out, Aluha