Hog is a bit particular about some things and isn't all that much into the Intarweb thing either. One of his concessions to having a web site was that certain things had to be ahthentic. Now, menus is one of those things. Originally, the hangout was just a place for friends to meet and eat, and Hog provided the vittles for those as had the stomach for it. He was so successful that it grew into what is now known as Hog's Hangout. So the menu is, in fact, older than Hog's Hangout and Hog is particular about it. This is taken from the official menu posted in the Watch House.

Some items may have limited availability.




After the last litter it was the last straw. Too many mouths to feed and something had to break, so of course it was the bank. Foreclosures are hard, and in this economy its hard to know where your next meal is going to come from. But that Teo is a regular saint. His outreach program found me in the nick of time. We were all set to start given em up for adoption, but now we can keep the whole family together. That saint Teo even chartered a bus special to pick us up as there're too many of us for the van. Now I know where my next meal is coming from and its all thanks to Teo.

— Relieved, Sacramento